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Register as a Drone Operator in the Open and Specific Category or your Certified Drone for high risk operations in the Certified Category

Online training

Follow our Free Training Lessons to gain the knowledge required to become a Drone Pilot

Online examination

Get your Drone Pilot Certificate by passing the Online Exam


All remotely piloted and autonomous aircraft from the small consumer devices used for recreation, to large aircraft used for other purposes, are subject to the provisions of legislation which aims to the safety of flights within the Cyprus Airspace.

Why register?

Owners and operators of Drones are required to comply with the provisions of the applicable legislation. Violation of the law constitutes an offence and offenders will be liable to penalties.

Operator Vs Drone Registration

  • Operations in the ‘Open’ and ‘Specific’ category require registration of the Operator and NOT the Drone whereas in the ‘Certified’ category the requirement is to register the Drone
  • The registration is valid for 3 years. After this period you are required to register again to renew your registration.
  • After you register you will get your Operator Registration number which you have to attach on all of your drones and upload it on the Remote Identification System (if your drone is equipped with this system).
  • This registration number is different from your Remote Pilot Number which shows that you have passed the exam.
  • To submit your registration your need first to pay the registration administration fee which is €10.

Online Training and Exam

  • To become a drone pilot you must first get trained by watching all training lessons provided in the Training section.
  • Carefully study all Lessons to gain a good knowledge regarding the new drone regulations by EASA, drone operations and their effect on privacy & data protection, how a drone functions and many more.
  • When you finish the online training and are confident enough, you can proceed to take the Online Examination.
  • The examination is comprised of 40 multiple choice questions and the pass mark is 75%
  • Don’t be disappointed if you fail the exam. You can retake it as many times as you want!
  • You don’t need to pay any fee for the Online Training and Exam.

Who should take the Exam?

  • Do you want to fly a Drone or a Model Aircraft in the Open or Specific Category? You must pass the Online Exam and get your Remote Pilot Certificate!
  • The online exam is required for those who want to fly a drone in the ‘Open’ category in subcategories A1 and A3
  • The pass mark is 75%
  • You will receive by email your Remote Pilot Certificate once you pass your exam
  • You must have your Remote Pilot Certificate in your possession whenever you plan to perform drone operations and present it when asked by the authorities
  • The validity of this certificate is 5 Years.
  • You must re-take the online exam when your certificate expires
  • You are not required to be registered to be able to take the exam. You can be a drone pilot only and not responsible for the drone as well!. You can retake the exam as many times as you like.  There are no fees for the Online Examination

Who should Register?

  • If you are responsible for a Drone or Model Aircraft or own one, you are required to register as an ‘Operator’ provided your Drone meets any of the following conditions:
  • My drone has a total weight including batteries and equipment of more than 250 grams
  • My drone has a camera or other equipment able to capture personal data and has a weight of less than 250 grams
  • My drone is able to transfer a kinetic energy more than 80 j (joules) i.e it is a fast drone
  • All drone operators in this category are required to register
  • All certified drones shall be registered by their owner.

Rules of the Air

You are responsible for every flight

Follow the drone rules and the manufacturers’ instructions to stay safe.

Respect people's privacy

Do not take photographs, videos or sound recording of people without their permission.

Keep the right distance

Stay away from people and property. Do not overfly crowds.

Check where you are allowed to fly

Check and respect the geographical zones in which you are allowed to fly as defined by the National Aviation Authority.

Keep your drone in sight

Ensure that you can see your drone and avoid obstacles and people.

Register drone and get certified

Register your drone, display the registration number on the drone and complete the online training and test.

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