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Remote Pilot License (RPL) to be converted to A2 Certificate from 01/01/2021

The Department of Civil Aviation of Cyprus (DCAC) would like inform the Remote Pilots of Unmanned Aircraft Systems who already hold a RPL or are waiting for the issuance of their (RPL), the following:

  • Full credit will be given for the required theoretical knowledge examination subjects for the ‘A2 Remote Pilot Certificate of Competency’. Specifically, the following subjects should be credited:

1. Meteorology
2. UAS Flight Performance
3. Technical and Operational Mitigations for Ground Risk

  • For the credits to be allowed, the Remote Pilot must first complete the online training and online examination in order to obtain the A1/A3 ‘Proof of Completion of the Online Training’ Certificate , which is a prerequisite so as to proceed to the A2 ‘Remote Pilot Certificate of Competency’.
  • The Remote Pilot must also declare the completion of the self-practical training in Subcategory A2, and submit this declaration(see example) to the training organisation (RATO) in which he/she has completed the training and exams for the RPL.
  • The DCAC will then proceed with the issuance of the A2 ‘Remote Pilot Certificate of Competency’ and send it to the Remote Pilot in electronic form. The validity of this Certificate will be 5 years from issue date.

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