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Sprayer drones belong to the “Specific” Category – An Operational Authorisation is required

The Department of Civil Aviation of Cyprus would like to inform all Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) operators who are intending to conduct operations using SPRAYER DRONES the following:

  • SPRAYER DRONES fall in the ‘Specific’ category of UAS operations, thus an Operational Authorisation approval  is required from the Cyprus DCA.
  • Chemicals and other substances can be considered as ‘Dangerous goods’ which can provide hazard to people or infrastructure when not used properly.
  • Operators who are intending to conduct drone operations with the use of Sprayer Drones are required to submit an application of Operational Authorisation using the pre-defined form, which can be found here. An Operations Manual must be submitted along with a detailed operational risk assessment based on SORA methodology. All these are subject to approval from the Cyprus DCA.
  • Remote Pilots who intend to conduct operations in the Specific category shall be required to have the necessary competency to perform such operations.

Thank You
Department of Civil Aviation Cyprus

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