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By 01/01/2022 all Member States in the EU will have to define their national geographical zones. When defining UAS geographical zones for safety, security, privacy or environmental reasons, Member States may:

  • prohibit certain or all UAS operations, request particular conditions for certain or all UAS operations or request a prior operational authorisation for certain or all UAS operations;
  • subject UAS operations to specified environmental standards;
  • allow access to certain UAS classes only;
  • allow access only to UAS equipped with certain technical features, in particular remote identification systems or geoawareness systems.

The operator will have the ability to download the geographical zones map, in digital format, and upload it into the drone’s geoawareness system, provided the drone belongs in either one of the Classes C1,C2 ,C3.

In the Republic of Cyprus drone flights are restricted to no closer to 8km from any aerodrome / airfield,  no closer to 3km from any heliport / helipad and excluded from any Air Traffic Zone (ATZ).

The geographical zones map will be available for download at a later stage in time, so check out the Press Release section to find out when available.

(EU) Implementing Regulation 2019/947

on the rules and procedures for the operation of unmanned aircraft

EU Delegated Regulation 2019/945

on unmanned aircraft systems and on third-country operators of unmanned aircraft systems

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